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Phoenix Minerva Ltd. was established in 2012 and is a multi-faceted organization providing TRAINING and EDUCATION - QQI (formerly FETAC) Levels 2-5 and Certification Courses in a diverse range. Expansion now extends to BUSINESS SOLUTIONS - WEB DESIGN and CONSULTANCY SERVICES

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Choose from a number of FETAC (QQI) Accredited Training Programmes Level 2 - 5 in several disciplines; SECURITY; CIVIL ENGINEERING; MEDICAL [Firs-Aid]; and SPECIALISED Training Programmes. GRINDS, TUTORIALS, and SERVICES available in CIVIL Engineering [CADS - AutoCADS- Planning - Design]
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We offer key solutions to your administrative requirements: Secretarial & Administrative Support + Web Design to Individual; Students & Businesses by way of - Reports; Emails; Letters; Legal Dox; Theses; Assignments, etc. to Students - Individuals - Businesses & Sole Traders.

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